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Trip nr 4


Landscape biogeochemistry:

from nutrient losses control in agricultural watersheds to carbon and nitrogen balance in forests

Tour guides:

     Ülo Mander, University of Tartu

     Krista Lõhmus, University of Tartu

     Jaak Truu, University of Tartu

     Kaido Soosaar, University of Tartu

     Ivika Ostonen, University of Tartu

     Martin Maddison, University of Tartu

     Jaan Pärn, University of Tartu

     Tiina Nõges, Estonian University of Life Sciences

     Ain Järvalt, Estonian University of Life Sciences

During this excursion we will first visit the gas-chromatography, environmental microbiology and rhizosphere laboratories of the Department of Geography, University of Tartu.


The excursion follows through typical South-Estonian agricultural watershed of the River Porijõgi which is studied since 1987 for nutrient dynamics and control by ecological engineering measures (riparian buffer zones and constructed wetlands).


Before the lunch we will arrive in the Limnological Station of the Estonian University of Life Sciences which is located on the lakeshore of the Võrtsjärv Lake, the Estonia’s second-largest lake. We will visit a Lake Museum and learn the Võrtsjärv’s ecology and management problems. 

 After lunch we will have a boat trip on the lake and on the river Väike-Emajõgi.  In the Soontaga forest station we get aquainted with studies on forest’s carbon and nitrogen budgets, in particular with eddy covariance and chamber measurements of soil-atmosphere gas exchange. 


The excursions ends up in the Jaanimatsi farm, Pühaste village, where dinner is served at 18:30 and participants can enjoy smoke sauna and beer from local microbrewery.



Sites visited:


Visit to laboratories of the Department of Geography, Institute of Ecology & Earth Sciences, University of Tartu:  

     Environmental microbiology and metagenomics lab (qPCR, BioRad DGGE)


     Gas-chromatography lab (Shimadzu GCs, system for N2 flux measurement
      using He/O2 method


     Rhizosphere lab


The Porijõgi River watershed land use dynamics and nutrient losses, riparian buffer zones. 


The Võrtsjärv Limnological Station, Estonian University of Life sciences and the Lake Museum.

Boat trip on Lake Võrtsjärv and Väike-Emajõgi River from the Limnological station to the “Greete” Motel. Lunch on board. Coffee and tea at “Greete” Motel.


The Soontaga forest research station - eddy covariance tower, measurement of gas fluxes from soil using static and automatic chambers, rhizosphere studies.


18:30  Dinner and smoke sauna in Jaanimatsi farm, Pühaste village until 22:00


Arrival in Tartu at 23:30 (approx).