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Trip nr 7

Cultural heritage in landscape

Landscape view from Tellingumäe observation tower

Tour guides:


     Tõnis Kask, Risto Sepp, local experts

     Teele Paluots, Estonian University of Life Sciences


     Henn Korjus, Estonian University of Life Sciences


     Pille Tomson, Estonian University of Life Sciences


The excursion introduces cultural heritage near Estonian - Latvian border.

Mustjõgi and Koiva (Gauja) rivers and low-density population have helped to preserve unique landscape and objects: old farm and manor buildings, mills, boundary markers, notable wooded meadows, pre-Christian sacrificial stones and pines.  

A view on Karula National Park
from Tornimäe observation tower

A walk up to Tellingumäe is approximately three kilometres long and introduces beautiful panoramic view over the landscape from the observation tower, as well as several forestry and military objects from the past.


The excursion also provides information about forest management and nature conservation practices in the neighbourhood. 


The travel back to Tartu will take participants through the landscapes in Karula National Park.


Total length of the bus trip is 250 km.



Holy  pine in Hargla