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Plenary videos

Please take a look at plenary session videos.

Mon, 24 August 2015   Opening session


  • Anu Reinart, Tartu Observatory, Estonia. Welcome to IUFRO LE 2015
  • Sandra S. Luque, IRSTEA, France, IUFRO. Forest Landscape Ecology WG and IUFRO strategy: New challenges for the future
  • Urmas Peterson, Tartu Observatory, Estonian University of Life Sciences. A view on Estonia
  • Rudolf de Groot. Role of ecosystem services in sustaining forest landscapes: Ecological and economic considerations
  • Klaus Butterbach-Bahl. Forest ecosystem and climate and environmental change - what does this mean for biosphere-atmosphere exchange of atmospheric trace gases?
  • Ülo Niinemets. How plant "talk" contributes to global change


Wed, 26 August 2015   Morning session


  • Jesus San-Miguel-Ayanz. Towards the sustainability of European forests and forest ecosystem services
  • Anna Lawrence. Learning at landscape scale: Human dimensions of adaptive management in old countries


Thu, 27 August 2015    Morning session


Mikko Mönkkönen. Solving conflicts among conservation, economic and social objectives in boreal production forest landscapes



Thu, 27 August 2015    Closing session


  • Aigar Kallas, State Forest Management. Estonian forestry development - revolutionary or evolutionary?
  • Sandra Luque, IRSTEA, France. Closing remarks and the way ahead for the IUFRO LE WG
  • Closing of the conference