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Rudolf de Groot

Role of ecosystem services in sustaining forest landscapes: ecological and economic considerations


Keynote for the IUFRO Landscape Ecology Conference “Sustaining ecosystem services in forest landscapes”, 23-30 August 2015, Tartu, Estonia


Forests provide a wide range of services, many of which are of fundamental importance to our health, livelihood, economy and general well-being. Yet, despite national regulations and international commitments, degradation of forest ecosystems, fragmentation of landscapes and loss of biodiversity continue on a large scale which undermines the functioning and resilience of our landscapes.

In addition to the environmental and social costs, ecosystem and landscape degradation has huge economic costs: a recent publication estimated the damage, mitigation and repair costs associated with the loss of ecosystem services globally between 4 – 20 trillion US$/year (Costanza et al, 2014).


This presentation will briefly reflect upon the underlying ecological and economic concepts and debates, referring among others to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment  ( and the TEEB-study on “The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity”  (


Examples will be provided how the ecosystem services concept can help in practice to analyse trade-offs in land use change in a more balanced way to achieve more sustainable (forest) landscapes.


An important conclusion is that money spent on nature (and forest) conservation and restoration should not be seen as a ‘cost’ but as an investment that generates high economic returns, in addition to ecological and socio-cultural benefits, provided  we are honest about all the externalities involved.


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